Saturday, December 18, 2010

Who loves moroccan wedding blanket? Stylish danish designer Marlene Birger does!

Copenhagen - Not only her clothes are stunning... look at her place! Marlene applied to her home the same minimalist concept she applies to her collections, neutral colors and focused on details. White, so much white, to let in as much light as possible (very scandinavian), some ethnic elements mixed with contemporary furniture. Elegant, interesting, no, definitely not a "showroom" where everything seems to be bought at once, but personal, distinctive. Love it! And love the fact that, yes, she does place a handira, or moroccan wedding blanket, over her coffee table! Organic for the wool, chic for the sequins, cultural for what it represents to berber women who have woven them, social for the savoir-faire preservation.

Here some pics I found at

Friday, December 17, 2010

Just loving Juju hats!

Perfect to create an exquisite wall art effect, Juju hats are worn by tribal chiefs and dignitaries in the cameroonian kingdoms during royal court affairs. Prosperity and wealth are represented by the feathers of birds.
I can picture that in a white wall, above the sofa, by the fireplace, at the end of a corridor... A symbolic object to any interior decor, as shown by scoutsdesignsnyc, elementsofstyleblog and the talented photographer Melanie Acevedo, respectively.

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